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Lua Data Logger Application for Recording Sheep Feeding with RFID


University of New England have built a sheep feed intake recorder that consists of a load cell mounted under the feed hopper, infra-red beam and electronic ear tag reader. A Rinstrum Programmable R400 Series Indicator is used to record the amount of feed eaten by each animal.

As the sheep approaches the feed hopper, down the raceway, the IR beam is broken. At this point the initial weight of the feed hopper is recorded, along with the time and date stamp. The ear tag reader antenna is positioned further down the race from the IR beam, close to the feed bin. When the tag is read the ear tag number is displayed on the R420 screen. 


The IR beam is positioned such that the body of the animal blocks it continually while it is feeding. When the animal leaves, the beam is unblocked and the feed bin weight is again recorded and time stamped. These feeding events are recorded on the R400 Lua module for download at a later time.

 Lua Logs: Start weight/time, end weight/time, RFID and consumed amount.

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 Thanks to University of New England (Armidale, Australia) for providing the photographs and Rinstrum Sales Engineer Blake Anderson.