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The prototype cable management system

Just back in Brisbane from the successful Farmfest Ag show just outside Toowoomba in Queensland. The prototype cable management system with carry handle and a bunch of other features, designed by Graeme from the Rinstrum design team was well accepted.

Brand awareness was a key goal and it was very encouraging to have people comment about this and the reinforcement of seeing us again at the show. Several old and new opportunities presented at the show.

Working together with one of our distributors again proved successful and i look forward now to Primex in Casino as our next show.

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Red River Cattle Crushes with integrated agWEIGHr weighing technology

This cattle crush has a built in weighing system that uses the agWEIGHr R320, M12 connectors and stainless steel Thames Side loadcells. This gives the manufacturer Red River in Tamworth many marketable advantages including, integrated weighing system, long warranty period, M12 quick installation connectors, overhead mounting and field replaceable weighing components, but at a fraction of the cost of traditional weighbeam suppliers

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Support farmers with rural loans and tax concessions

For the Australian farming community: new Australian Government measures have been announced to boost the rural economy and support farmers with rural loans and tax concessions => outright deductions of up to 100% up to $20,000 in some cases and special concessions for grain and fodder storage and handling.

Rinstrum's weight indicators and load cells can be used for silo weighing and our agWEIGHr range of weigh beams and weight indicators can be used as part of stock management through weight monitoring.

Barnaby Joyce Member for New England

#AgWhitePaper announced today by @TonyAbbottMHR & @Barnaby_Joyce, delivers on key Coalition election commitment

Posted by Barnaby Joyce Member for New England on Friday, July 3, 2015


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Lua Data Logger Application for Recording Sheep Feeding with RFID


University of New England have built a sheep feed intake recorder that consists of a load cell mounted under the feed hopper, infra-red beam and electronic ear tag reader. A Rinstrum Programmable R400 Series Indicator is used to record the amount of feed eaten by each animal.

As the sheep approaches the feed hopper, down the raceway, the IR beam is broken. At this point the initial weight of the feed hopper is recorded, along with the time and date stamp. The ear tag reader antenna is positioned further down the race from the IR beam, close to the feed bin. When the tag is read the ear tag number is displayed on the R420 screen. 


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Accurate, Affordable weighing for Agriculture


With the launch of our new agWEIGHr range of weighing equipment for agriculture and livestock we are now looking for distributors well placed to sell into the farming communities and able to support their weighing applications.  Rural shops, like BOS Rural Supplies in Qld and WA, have already taken on the line. We are looking for rural shops across Australia with an interest in making weighing an affordable proposition for our Australian farmers. 

Additionally, we are working with a number of OEMs looking to build a weighing element directly into their stock handling equipment.  Rinstrum as the designer and manufacturer works with original equipment manufacturers globally to develop the best weighing solution for the application.  If you work in the ag industry and have equipment that would benefit from an integrated or bundled weighing solution, give one of our sales engineers a call

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