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Rinstrum's range of weight indicators and scales for agriculture and livestock


  • 20mm (0.8in) LCD display with LED backlight
  • Tough, compact dust and waterproof ABS housing
  • Stainless steel bracket for flexible mounting
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  • Dust, rain, hail, flood, urea, impact resistant and high pressure hose down proof composite alloy housing.
  • Simple operation and user friendly for first time users.
  • Universal stand suitable for mounting on a desk, wall, post, pole, stump or even on machinery.
  • Capacitive keys, no worn out or sticking keys, no buttons to fail.
  • Animal weighing connected to agWEIGHr load bars
  • Option: EID compatible, 10,000 records
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agWEIGHr Hanging Scale

  • 300kg (700lb)
  • 20mm (0.8in) LCD display with LED backlight
  • Tough, compact dust and waterproof ABS housing
  • Internal rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Animal weighing algorithm
  • Complete scale - weight indicator and load cells combined
  • Option: EID compatible, 10,000 records
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agWEIGHr Load Bars

  • Stainless steel frame and load cell
  • Range of sizes from 600mm through to 1200mm
  • Range of capacities from 2t – 4t with excellent load sensitivity.
  • Mounting holes on feet extend beyond top covers to simplify bolting down;
  • Waterproof M12 quick connectors for hassle free connections - connect directly to R320 or X320
  • Extendable, replaceable and removable cables
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agWEIGHr LeverMount Kit

  • Easily configurable for radial or tangential mounting on tanks, silos, crushes and race platforms
  • Inbuilt anti lift ideal for windy conditions and swivel mount for uneven ground
  • Load cell welded and sealed to IP68 / IP69K to protect against dusty and wet conditions
  • Load cell can be quickly removed without jacking or dummies in case of fire, flooding, welding or changes in position
  • Stainless steel load cell and Stainless steel mount will not rust if exposed to urea, water and chemicals.
  • M12 IP68 quick connectors for quick and easy cable removal and replacement.
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agWEIGHr Selection Guides

Load Bar/Scale Selection Guide – 2 Year Warranty on Load Bars

Application Type AG-6012-2t AG-8012-2t AG-10012-2t AG-4t LM  Kit AG-H300*
Fleece Load bar x        
Sheep in a drafter Load bar x        
Cattle in a race Load bar x        
Cattle in a crush Load bar     x x  
Pallets Load bar x x x    
Calves, lambs Hanging scale         x
Game ('Roos) Hanging scale         x
*the agWEIGHr Hanging Scale is a complete scale that includes both the load cell and electronics.

Indicator Selection Guide - Livestock – 2 Year Warranty on Electronics

EID compatible Identify individual animals by EID tag x x x
Live Animal weighing Live weight calculation of animals x x x x
Power 12VDC 12VDC,NiMH 12VDC,NiMH 12VDC,NiMH
Environmental IP65 IP68/IP69K IP68/IP69K IP65
Live Weight Drafting Draft animals by live weight 3 band 3 band 3 band 3 band
Current Draft Statistics Total Weight
Average Weight
Number of head
x x x x
Draft Outputs Outputs to drive drafting gates or indication 3
Current Session statistics Total Weight
Average Weight
Number of head
x x x x
Individual animal results Number of individual animal records in the indicator 10,000 10,000 10,000
Session Capacity Individual files for each session.
Sessions limited only the total records.
x x x
Session Profiles Preconfigured session profiles define operation specific data 20 20
Operation Data fields Number of fields of operation data per session 1 1
Bluetooth Wireless EID x x x
RS232 Transmit data to remote display, printer or
remote computer system
Optical Data Interface
PC Interface Download data files from indicator to PC x x x
Android App Transfer data from yards to Android tablet x x x
Firmware Upgrade Field upgrade of indicator firmware x x x x

What is a Profile?

A profile allows you to define a list of possible results for an operation to be conducted during the session. Examples include pregnancy testing, vaccinations, condition scoring, tick control etc. Example: Pregnancy testing – define profile PREG. The range of results might be 0/3/6 (Months). When a new session is started the operator could choose the PREG profile and from then on the operator is prompted to select 0, 3 or 6 for each animal processed in the session. The record log for each animal will then be:

Session "PREG" - Date/Time, EID#, Weight, {0, 3 or 6}

Example: Vaccination - A vaccination operation may need to record a basic yes/no. The record for the animal will then be:

Session "VACC" - Date/Time, EID#, Weight, {Y or N}

About Rinstrum's Live Weigh Algorithm

Rinstrum first developed a live weigh algorithm in 2005 for use in basic animal scales. The algorithm has been refined over the past 10 years and is used on applications ranging from live fish weighing, sheep drafting, and veterinary scales to patient weighing for medical. This refined live weighing algorithm is provided standard in our agWEIGHr range of indicators to ensure your livestock is weighed reliably.